Harder Hitting Surface

The updated AAA-PRO paint finish has been specially engineered to offer players with a Harder Hitting Surface! In return, giving the hitter better performance while staying within the .50 BBCOR requirements. 

Improved Maple Quality 

Improved Maple Quality unlocks the door to PROLONGED DURABILITY & LOUDER CRACKS! Baum has recently gained access to higher quality Maple Wood tree's! Simply meaning those that swing Baum have an exclusive edge over their competition and their wallets. The biggest head turner since... you get the point. 

More Eco-Friendly

We are committed to decreasing the size of our carbon footprint and waste leading to our most Eco-Friendly model to dateThe updated model has a HIGHER LEVEL OF Eco-Friendly MATERIALS than ever before!


Baum Bat Vs Regular Wood Bat?

Simple. We save you money with great feel and performance! NO REASON for hitters to go spend $150+ on a normal wood bat multiple times a year that possibly could break the same week you buy them when for not even double the price you can MAKE THE SWITCH to Baum! Our customers 99%+ of the time get on average 1-2+ seasons of use out of their purchase before reordering!  We can't wait for you to see what all the hype is about! Welcome to BAUM NATION!

White Vs Gold Edition?

Both are pro level wood bats or supercars as we like to say of the wood bat industry. Gold Edition Baum Bats have almost 2x the warranty, our best performance, and many custom features. Because of these reasons most customers agree that is a no brainer to go gold over white for all of the best that Baum has to offer. The more you spend at Baum the better the value we offer our customers. 

Where Can I Swing My Baum Bat?

-3 Baum Bats since 1993 have been MLB approved for lower minor league baseball levels, NCAA & BBCOR certified for college and high school play, Perfect Game, PBR, WWBA, CABA, AABC + 99% of all tournaments & summer leagues! For the ongoing full list head to our main menu, select more, then legal for! Basically unless playing the pros you are good to dominate!

Baum Bat Barrel Size/Turn Model?

The Baum Bat is a perfect combination of the most popular wood bat models (110/243/271), with a maximum legal barrel diameter of 2.505" and an industry leading sweet spot diameter of 2.473". 

Delivery Time?

NEED A BAUM ASAP? We can get one delivered as soon as tomorrow! CHAT US if you are in a rush! Custom bat lead times are shown on the bat customizer.

Balanced Vs End Load?

Balanced bats are best for those that hit for a high average and typically hit early or later in the lineup (1,2,6,7,8)! End Load bats are typically suited best for those that hit in the middle of the order (3,4,5)! To learn more about which suits you best head to our main menu, click more, and then balanced vs end load! 

Standard Vs Flared Handle/Knob

Standard knobs are our most popular sellers by far and are skinnier than the flared knob. The flared knob has a slight taper at the handle of the bat. There is no performance difference just personal preference of what feels the best in the players hands. 

Baum Bat Vs Other Composite Wood Bats?

Many other composite wood bats may look/perform like wood but not sound or feel like wood. One of our competitors primary functions is to increase durability beyond a typical wood bat but many fail to miss the mark of what a wood bat needs to feels like. The Baum Bat AAA Pro composite wood bat is designed to look, sound, and feel like wood while have the maximum performance allowed within the BBCOR .50 specification while having unmatched durability. Hit other composite wood bats and then hit with the Baum Bat and you will see why we have been THE KING OF THE COMPOSITE WOOD BAT since 1993. The Baum Bat will outperform all others while giving the wood bat experience. The BBCOR specification numbers demonstrate it, the AAA Pro was tested by the NCAA’s verification lab located at WSU and is at the maximum allowable number of .50, if you are not hitting a Baum Bat you are giving away distance and feel on the field of play. MAKE THE SWITCH TO BAUM and YOU WILL THANK US LATER! The Baum will speak for itself amongst the competition. 

Unsure Which Bat Size To Get?

Nothing is better than advice from former pros and collegiate athletes that work at Baum! Chat us, call us 888-915-2286, or email us at sales@baumbat.com! Let us 

Team/Bulk Orders?

We are at your service! To inquire about a team/bulk order live chat us, email sales@baumbat.com, or simply call 8889152286 and we will get your order turned around in no time!

Did Not Find Your Answer?

Contact our lightning fast customer support staff of former players! Call us at 888-915-2286, email sales@baumbat.com, or chat us! We pride our selves here at Baum in not using robots for support 😀 so all communication is with real experts!