The original composite wood bat finds it’s roots in an unlikely place, a boatyard in Michigan. The late Steve Baum was an inventor, boat builder, and offshore racer. He had a vision of building a faster, lighter boat out of wood.As the boat industry began to try to build lighter, strong boats they began to utilize fiberglass. Baum, an aficionado of the classic look of wood boats, wanted to find a way to combine the look and feel of wood with state of the art advances in the aerospace industry. 

Utilizing his background in manufacturing engineering, Baum began his work on his passion project, spending 20 years refining the process of crafting wooden boats that were stronger, lighter and more beautiful than their fiberglass counterparts.Baum saw the parallel in the baseball industry as leagues began to trade in the traditional wood bats for bats made from other materials. 

He saw an opportunity for the revolutionary, durable wood he had invented for updating boats to similarly update traditional wood bats which resulted in the original composite wood bat, The Baum Bat, the first of its kind.In 1993 he unveiled The Baum Bat. A composite wood bat that hits like wood, feels like wood, reacts like wood while being 400 times stronger than a traditional wood bat. For the baseball industry, this was a game changer.


Baum bats quickly became known as the unbreakable bat in baseball circles, and by the 1990’s the Baum Bat was approved for minor league play by Major League Baseball (MLB), the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS). The Baum Bat, also BBCOR and Perfect Game approved, made it a necessity for players in wood leagues, who were learning to hit with wood, without breaking multiple bats.

By 2015, Baum had fallen ill and shuttered the company while he searched for the perfect buyer. He didn’t want his invention to be swallowed by a large conglomerate, or to be rebranded as another bat. This led to a scarcity of bats and a premium on existing bats as players began to fear the original Baum Bat was no longer going to be manufactured.

A group of former pro players from Arizona found themselves flying to Michigan to meet the ailing Baum and after making a promise to keep true to the original design and to keep the Baum brand, purchased the company and moved to Michigan for 18 months to learn the manufacturing process. In 2015 the factory was relocated to Phoenix, Arizona.


The Baum team in Arizona is comprised of long-time baseball players who understand learning to hit with wood is a skill which takes time, and adds up to a lot of broken bats. Baum’s composite wood bats preserves the tradition of wood bat play while offering players a virtually indestructible bat.

Honoring their agreement to Steve Baum, Baum Enterprises is continuing to manufacture the original Baum Bat, using the most recent developments and advancements in science, engineering and manufacturing technology. “Keeping true to the original design of the composite wood bat invented by Steve Baum in 1993 is essential to making Baum Bats the best in the game,” says the AZ baseball group. “As a former pro-player, I know how important it is to have a bat as strong as you.

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Great bat😎⚾️

Great pop

Best wood bat


Great bat


Love the bat

Took longer then expected to arrive


Simply outstanding!

Bat has amazing pop, I've been able to really drive the ball, great balance and durability!


Excellent quality of a bat A++++++, Will definitely buy again in future.

Another great bat from Baum

This is our second Baum & my son absolutely loves these things & we will be back for another one when he moves up sizes again. Can't beat this bat!


My son loves it. Great pop

“Bomb Bat”

The pop, and durability is that of a high end composite bat. Far exceeds my expectations!

Baum Bat is Pure GOLD!

After breaking several wood bats [3, so far,...ugh!] during this years 18u PG wood bat tournaments, it just made sense to get the Baum for cost value alone, but after swinging one of our other players Baum bat and jacking one out, there was no way we were looking at another wood bat again! He even loves swinging it over his Meta-Prime, but,! [Side Note: We ordered the Custom Gold with the lasering, that we were told is understandably, 7 days plus, but literally 2 days later, he received his brand new Baum! I am sure that is not customary, but having it in time to play that coming weekend, let alone receiving everything in 48 hours after ordering it, saved me another $100 minimum, by not having to get him something to get him through! btw - 5 for 8 on the weekend, with another one out - lol! Thanks for everything Baum!]

Phenomenal feel and power

High school Player

Awesome bat. Great pop and solid.

Been a great bat my son and his teammates have used it constantly. Will be buying another.

Great Bat!

Used the bat for the first time and was amazed with how well it was built and hit with. Customer service was awesome helping me out ordering.

Gold Custom is 🔥🔥

There are several wood/composite bats out in the market; but if you want to be “Big Time”, the Baum Custom Gold is the ONLY choice!!!

Súper bate

Muy buen bate increíble el mejor que he tenido

Custom gold

I had it for couple weeks so far so good it has good pop and design and in graving turned out very well . Will give more review after I start playing my season games only forty swings so far !

Baum is the bomb!

My kid loves it! It’s his new BP bat all day long. The -3 is getting him ready for high school, and the quality of the bat will last unlike other wood bats we keep replacing. Worth it!



Awesome Bat

Outstanding quality and finish. Great feel when swinging the bat. I will buy another soon!

Awesome Bat!

Loved the way it feels! Amazing quality and finish. Thrilled with my purchase. Thank you!

Great Bat, Great Customer service

Great Bat, Great Customer service

Great Bat!

My son just started his freshman season. He loves his Baum!