There is NO REASON to go spend $150+ on a normal wood bat multiple times a year that possibly could break the same week you buy them when for not even double the price you can MAKE THE SWITCH to Baum that 99% of the time gets players a 1-2+ seasons of use with UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE for the players and UNMATCHED VALUE for the parents! We can't wait for you to see what all the hype is about! Welcome to BAUM NATION!

White Vs. Gold Baum?

Both crush the competition but due to higher grade hand selected materials the Gold will outperform the White & has almost 2x the warranty of the white + options for custom features such as engraving and logos. The link is to a video showing the 2 going head to head in action with the Baseball Bat Bros. 

Check out this video!

-3 BBCOR Certified?

YES, Baum wood composite bats that are -3 or heavier (-2,-1, etc.) are BBCOR approved. Meaning they can be swung for High School baseball and NCAA baseball.

Legal for Tournaments?

YES, Baum Bats -3 are approved for 99% of amateur tournaments worldwide. 

Anything BBCOR, Perfect Game, PBR, WWBA, CABA, AABC + 99% of all tournaments & summer leagues.

NFHS, USA Baseball Wood Events, Baseball Canada

MLB For Short-Season & Rookie Ball 

Confederation of European Baseball
NCAA, High School

Maple Still Balanced? 

Baum Bats are very balanced! Due to the density of the wood most all wood bats are not true -3's like Baum Bats are. Baum makes one of the ONLY TRUE -3 MAPLE in the industry

Barrel Size?

A designed combination and clone of the five most popular Major League hardwood bats, the AAA Pro Baum Bat hits, feels, looks and sounds exactly like wood, with a maximum diameter of 2.505" and a sweet spot diameter of 2.473". Length to weight ratio of -3 guaranteed weight. 

End load Baums? 

Each company has their own version of an end loaded bat. We do our best to achieve the drop weight of -2.3 or heavier with our end loaded models where as our balanced models are typically within -2.3 to -3. End load bats are an extra charge and may take a few extra weeks before shipping to make. If you like your bat a little heavier you will love the end load Baum!

Sell Used Baum Bats?

Sometimes we sell used baum bats or clearance baum bats. If available, they will be a option in the shop store online. If not, then none would be available. Find our composite wood bats on clearance by Baum Bat.

Metal Rod?

It is a common MYTH that our bats have a metal rod to make them strong. They DO NOT and HAVE NOT since we started in 1993! 

Why Maple?

We made the switch after over 20 years of making ash Baum Bats to Maple Baum Bats due to a few reasons. Since Maple is a denser wood than ash it means better performance (pop), more durable, and bigger sound than the old ash Baum! There is a reason why Maple is the most common wood type in Major League Baseball and Baum Nation is now reaping the benefits. 

Standard Vs. Flared?

Standard knobs are our most popular sellers by far and are skinnier than the flared knob. The flared knob has a slight taper at the handle of the bat. There is no performance difference just personal preference of what feels the best in the players hands. 

Baum Turn Model?

Baum Bats are their own turn model and have been since 1993. One model so good that there is no need for more. Similar to a combination of the most popular wood models, with the most resemblence being of a 110 model mixed with a 243 and 273. 


Can I use it off machines?

Machines (especially 3 wheels) due to massive spin rates and constant brute impact force destroy not only wood material bats but metal as well. If you do choose to swing a Baum during machine work it will definitely outlast any other wood on the market but may void your warranty and wear the material down causing it to break sooner than usual. We recommend for best Baum longevity to use a beat up old metal bat and save the Baum for the games. 

Can I Hit Heavy Balls?

DO NOT hit heavy balls or yellow dimple balls. Use of heavy balls or rubber baseballs with your Baum can result in faster breakdown of the material and void your warranty. 

Clean My Baum Bat?

To clean ball marks off your Baum Bat we recommend using water and a magic eraser. Avoid using any sort of harsh chemicals for best maintenance. 

Label Up Or Label Down?

You DO NOT need to swing the Baum label up or label down. For BEST LONGEVITY hit on ALL SIDES of the Baum! 

Baums In The Cold?

YES, Baums rake in ALL CLIMATES! Rake with confidence in all temperatures unlike most composites on the market!
With the AAA Pro Model Baum Bat, you will save money because you will not have to buy another wood bat all season! You will without a doubt become a better hitter and prove to coaches, scouts, and fans you can hit with a wood bat. Thousands of Baum Bats have been placed in worldwide service in professional baseball, collegiate summer leagues, colleges and high schools. All reports indicate the same thing - the AAA Pro Baum Bat is a wood bat, except it is far more durable. The major difference is durability. Imagine not having to replace your wood bat every 20-70 swings when it breaks! This is without a doubt the most durable bat in baseball. The Baum Bat has no equal! The Patented AAA PRO model Baum Bat is the only true high-tech wood composite bat that is BBCOR Certified and legal for high school and collegiate play. Baum Bats are NOT UNBREAKABLE even though many claim they are. as not even metal bats are unbreakable but they are 100% the strongest wood bat on the market with the best performance. 

End Cap Chipping? 

If the end cap of your Baum is chipped or completely gone then we are very confident it has definitely saved you from a few broken wood bats and it's not done yet! Baums rake until they are in 2 separate pieces unlike normal wood bats. Many turn there old Baums into great backups or cage bats so that you can save your next beast from Baum for the games! Feel free to check the warranty claim page to see if it is eligible to be repaired or exchanged. 



There is NO REASON to go spend $150+ on a normal wood bat multiple times a year that possibly could break the same week you buy them when for not even double the price you can MAKE THE SWITCH to Baum that 99% of the time gets players a 1-2+ seasons of use with UNMATCHED PERFORMANCE for the players and UNMATCHED VALUE for the parents! We can't wait for you to see what all the hype is about! Welcome to BAUM NATION!

Taxes and Duties? 

We DO NOT cover international taxes and duties and they are NOT INCLUDED in the pricing. 

Check/Track My Order? 

Head to the order receipt confirmation that should have been sent to you via email to check on the order and see lead times as well as please allow for the average processing time before reaching out. If it is beyond the average time before the bat ships feel free to chat us or email and we would be happy to help you to the best of our ability. It will be well worth the wait for the worlds most popular wood bat!

Processing Time? 

These are all averages and may change depending on the time of the year and size availibilty!

Few notes:
- The shipping choice picked (Ground, 3 day etc.) is the speed the bat ships once the bat is ready to ship.
- The processing time (in business days) before the bat can ship shown on the website and on this confirmation is the average time it takes to handmake the bat and may vary depending on availability and customization.
-ALL BAUMS ARE MADE BY HAND so we do our best to ensure that the finish is perfect but there may be minute imperfections to the exterior that do not affect the performance of the bat one bit so enjoy raking! As Baums were not made to stare at and look pretty (even though they do look UNREAL) they are made to perform! So enjoy the performance! 

Purchased a custom bat:
*Depending on order volume customs usually ship within the processing days selected on the order screen, however during busy times of year it may be a little more. The more customization added to the bat such as two-tones + engraving, bat grip install, etc the more time it may take. It will be well worth the wait for your handcrafted masterpiece and we appreciate the patience.

Purchased a stock black bat:
*Engraving may add 1-2 weeks give or take onto the order depending on engraving volume and product availability.
*If no engraving Stock black Baums usually ship within a business week but may vary depending on order volume and immediate availability of your Baum. If no tracking after a business week goes by feel free to reach out and we can update you on the status of that particular bat.

If purchased a discounted bat:
*Engraving may add 1-2 weeks give or take onto the order depending on engraving volume and product availability.
*If no engraving the bat usually can ship within a few business many times the same day or next business day.

If it is past the average time feel free to reach out via chat or email thanks for the patience and it will be well worth the wait!

Having Order Troubles?

Do not sweat it! We are here to support you at all times! Please just get ahold of us, either via chat (on the website), email (, or phone (8889152286) and we will help you get your order in!

Submit a Warranty? 

To submit a warranty claim or see if you are eligible for a warranty claim head to the warranty page by scrolling to the bottom of the website and clicking "warranty" or heading to "more" and then to "warranty" in the main menu. 

If you are not within the warranty time or don't qualify rest assured that Baums rake until they are in 2 separate pieces unlike normal wood bats. They even rake without the end cap and at that point we are sure that you have gotten your moneys worth. Old beat up Baums make for a great backup or cage bat to your new beast from Baum.

Thanks for raking with us and we are sure it saved you money even if it broke and payed for itself while having unmatched performance. 

Ship International? 

We ship worldwide daily! As long as there is an address we can ship it anywhere. Just order away and in the checkout after the address is inputed it will show the affordable shipping costs. 

Do you have retailers? 

Due to being the most popular wood bat on planet earth we have not been able to fulfill any dealer orders since our order volume has spiked. At the moment the only way to get a Baum Bat is likely through our website! Order away and it will be well worth the wait for your Baum!

Do you sell gift cards?

NEW! eGift Cards are now available for purchase! Click here to order! Or Main menu - More - eGIFT CARDS

How do I contact you? 

Getting ahold of us is simple. Either chat us, email us at, or call us during business hours. 


Bats must be UNUSED to be eligible for a return, bagged and boxed with a copy of the original receipt. All sales are final on customized bats (engraving or colors) & blemished/closeout bats. The Customer is responsible for return shipping along with a 15% restocking fee. 

Gear/Apparel must be in new condition and inquired about within 30 days of the shipping date in order to be eligible. The customer is responsible for return shipping and a 15% restocking fee. 

For more info. Either chat us, email us at, or call us during business hours. 

Team or Bulk Orders?

Email with the order volume and the sizes you were looking to have and we will hook you up in some way! Getting ahold of us is simple. Either chat us, email us at, or call us during business hours. 

Make An Order Change? 

We will do our best to accommodate you. Just get ahold of us to find out if the change can be made as long as the order has no shipped yet. Getting ahold of us is simple. Either chat us, email us at, or call us during business hours. 

Can I pick up my bat at your factory in Phoenix? 

YES, you can but the bat may need time to process and be handmade for you. Just order online with "in store pickup" as the shipping option and when the Baum is ready you will be notified to pick it up!

Choosing the right size Baum Bat?

Choosing a bat, particularly the right bat, is a very important part of the baseball process. What might work well for one player on your team doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right bat for you. So, what goes in to selecting the perfect bat?Obviously, the bat you choose should feel perfect in your hands. Hitting is dependent on mentally knowing that the bat you're swinging doesn’t just feel good but great. There are three things from a technical side that need to be considered before making the investment in your bat.

-3 Baum Bats are BBCOR certified and usually recommended for anyone approaching high school baseball and up (14 years old+). -5 Baums are for youth players and are usually swung between the ages of 12-14Usually Baum sizing is comparable and works out to about the same size and weight as your metal bat. 

 1. WeightThis is probably the most important part of the decision process. Swinging a bat that is too heavy is just as detrimental to success as swinging too light of a bat. BBCOR Certified bats sold by Baum are -3. This means the weight of the bat is three ounces under the length of the bat. For example, if you purchase a 33 inch bat the weight is going to be 30 ounces. All BBCOR Certified bats must fall into the minus 3 range. If you're wondering what size of bat to purchase for your son, watch him swing it a few times. If your son is 12U and under, have him swing the bat at game speed a few times. If he can maintain good balance then the bat should be ok as far as weight goes. Kids that swing too heavy of a bat at those ages have a hard time maintaining good balance on their finish. The bat should feel light to the hitter.

 2. LengthObviously the longer the bat is, the heavier the bat becomes. Length comes in a distant second in as far as importance goes in determining the size of bat. It’s great to have a long bat, but if the bat is too heavy for the hitter, the length advantage is severely compromised. Baum Bats come in eight different lengths. You can choose from 30, 31, 31.5, 32, 32.5, 33, 33.5, and 34” models. 

 3. Barrel SizeFor younger hitters, we recommend for a game bat the biggest size allowable for your league. Hitting is hard enough. Take advantage of the technology. For older kids, the league will determine the diameter of the barrel. High school rules allow 2-5’8. As your hitter approaches high school age, he should use that barrel size.

 * Off Season Bat * 

 For an off-season bat we recommend a wood or wood composite bat. The old saying still holds true, "if you can hit with wood, you can hit with metal”. With Baum now offering not only the top wood composite bat in the industry, but also our new all wood models in the same length sizes as mentioned above, you can’t go wrong purchasing your next bat from Baum Bat. 

* Showcase Bat * 

 If your player has been invited or is planning on playing in any of the big show case events like PERFECT GAME or USA BASEBALL, Baum Bat is the ticket. Take advantage of the technology that a Baum wood composite bat provides its users.With one of the longest bat guarantees in the industry, it is also one of the few wood composite bats certified for use in these events. If your player is scheduled to play in even a handful of the ever-increasingly more popular wood bat tournaments being offered, check out the selection of wood and wood composite bats offered by Baum Bat! 

 Get yours today and join the Baum Squad!

Why is My Bat Finish Not Perfect? 

EVERY SINGLE BAUM IS HANDMADE. With that being said not every single Baum is going to look perfect even though almost all do but they all PERFORM UNREAL. We do our best to ensure that every Baum that goes out the door is up to the Baum standards. We make bats that are meant to get beat up and use, not to look pretty (even though they do), so enjoy the performance of that beast and be sure to share your love for the Baum on social media with us @baumbat 

If you receive a bat with anything more than a very minor exterior imperfection email pictures of the bat to of the blemish that may have happened during shipping. 

My Shipment is Missing Items Or Is Incorrect. Help!

We apologize for the human error mixup that happens very minimally when we are shipping out orders at crazy volumes! For more info chat us in with your order number or email and we will do our best to help you and make it right. Thanks!

Baum Vs. Other Composite Wood Bats?

Many other composite wood bats may look like wood but not sound or feel like wood. One of our competitors primary functions is to increase durability beyond a typical wood bat but many fail to miss the mark of what a wood bat needs to feels like. The Baum Bat AAA Pro composite wood bat is designed to look, sound, and feel like wood while have the maximum performance allowed within the BBCOR .50 specification while having unmatched durability. Hit other composite wood bats and then hit with the Baum Bat and you will see why we have been THE KING OF THE COMPOSITE WOOD BAT since 1993. The Baum Bat will outperform all others while giving the wood bat experience. The BBCOR specification numbers demonstrate it, the AAA Pro was tested by the NCAA’s verification lab located at WSU and is at the maximum allowable number of .50, if you are not hitting a Baum Bat you are giving away distance and feel on the field of play. MAKE THE SWITCH TO BAUM and YOU WILL THANK US LATER! The Baum will speak for itself amongst the competition.